Product Range


Organic sourdough range

Wholesome ingredients, steady hands and an abundance of patience ensure our sourdough is worth the wait. Made over two days, we use a natural sourdough starter to rise and ferment the hand-shaped dough (that's why it has such a superior flavour and tang)

We produce a broad range of organic loaves including: sourdough 5-grain, whey & rye, wholemeal, fig raisin & cranberry, beer & barley, whey & rye. Breads are crafted in a variety of shapes including: oval, batard and boule.

Semi-sourdough range

Our semi-sourdough range is perfect for people who enjoy artisan bread but prefer a softer more delicate option. We use a natural sourdough starter with a smidgeon of fresh yeast to rise and ferment the hand-shaped dough making the bread lighter and fluffier than a classic sourdough. Our semi-sourdough loaves are shaped for convenience in a sandwich style (tin) and small & large batard.

Classic specialty breads including panini, milk buns, brioche, baguette and green olive & rosemary flatbread.


Our classic pasty range is handmade from the highest quality ingredients and baked to perfection daily. Try our croissant, pain au chocolat, pain au raisins, cherry & blueberry Danish, apricot Danish or the irresistible bear claw (almond pastry).